Who we help?


Entrepreneurs know that to win in today’s market, you need to have a flexible business strategy and products' unique selling points. But you are often unsure whether their current strategy is best fit for current market situation, how to effectively measure your cost, and who you can partner with to provide the expertise you need.


We provide business owners and strategy makers with the infrastructure to measure your product effectiveness, and deliver long-term ROI through our competitive products as well as support services.

When you work with NAN, you are tapping into the expertise of the most professional provider, who is always dedicated to quality and and taking pride in all the products and services. 



A nutritionist needs to understand and trust the data that comes back from your formulation and diet, so you can be confident in your actual feed performance.

We help nutritionists monitor diet effectiveness and make sure you are working with the right raw materials, ingredients and feed additives with optimal cost.

Whether you are leading the technical team for health, wellbeing and productivity of animals, or having to choose the most cost effective diets, NAN has a complete suite of solutions and support services to help you succeed.


Production Managers

You are busy using many technologies to do your job, and trying to control the complexities of up and down raw material source to maintain stable feed quality, as well as finding the most effective production method to deliver the best production cost and win in the market.


When you need someone to help you make sense of it all, that’s where we come in to support production managers behind the scenes with the most saving production cost, keep feed quality stable, the simplest stock management and outstanding services.


Farm Managers

As a farm manager, you know for sure the critical role of farm management that has great impact on animal performance and end-point margin.

That is why we integrate with and build application solutions to support your animal production effectively in managing nutriotional issues at farm, maintaining Environmental Hygiene, engage the right resources, optimizing animal  performance. 



We know the challenges that buyers have to face to is balancing deliver best deal with high standard products, as well as monitoring stock and delivery.

You can trust in NAN as a reliable provider who delivers the most efficient quality at the most competitive price. We have a strong partnership with academic R&D partners with the most advanced know-how as well as world leading partners who own tremendous supply capacity.