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Great source of Protein from Chilean Giant Squid


Product Features


Product Description

Brown powder


• 25kg multi-layer paper bag with polyester layer inside.

• Shipping: 18 tons / container 20'


• Store at ambient temperature, away from sunlight

• Shelf life: 24 months from manufacture date

Key Benefits


Squid Hydrolysate Powder is composed of fresh Chilean Giant Squid tentacles, hydrolyzed and dried using advanced flash drying technology in combination with squid meal used as a carrier.

It is highly nutritive (high protein & digestibility) with very low ash (<10%).

 The enzymatic hydrolyses process ensure a very high solubility of protein and small peptides making it a very powerful attractant and its functional ingredient supports health and growth performance. It also offers excellent binding properties.

This product has been widely used in shrimp feed for its significant positive impact on feed intake and FCR.



Species: Pig, Poultry, Fish

Inclusion rate:  Supplement 1 - 5% in complete feed. In order to optimize handling, Squid Protein Hydolysates should be applied at a normal temperature after 15 min agitation (15-30 rpm).

Please contact our Technical Sales Representatives for the most relevant usage.

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