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Durelax: Calms animals naturally



Durelax is a premixture of additives based on plant extracts, to mitigate stress reactions

Nor-Balm and soluble magnesium
Mode of Action

Durelax combines magnesium with a Melissa officinalis extract, and has a double relaxing effect. Melissa activates the inhibitor neuron and the neuron exciter is inhibited by soluble magnesium.   

Animal species    

Dairy cows, poultry, rabbits, horses, pigs 

Why Nor-Spice AB®?

•    To limit stress effect
•    To improve the breeder comfort during vaccination and transport
•    To improve product quality at slaughtering
•    To prepare grouping, manipulation
•    To limit animals aggressiveness in particular for entire male pigs
•    To limit pica effects
•    To limit cannibalism effects for the sow
•    Can be used in organic farming

Nor-Mite: In-feed aromatic repellent

Pest impacts on the production

-Bothering animals as well as workers (LEVOT, 2013)

-Flies can transmit pathogens that could affect animal and human health (Maldonaldo and Centeno, 2003 ; Meerburg et al., 2007 ; Barin et al., 2010)

-Decrease of the performances

-Can lead to poor neighbor relations and potential litigation. (Loftin et al., University of Arkansas, 2014)

Our recommend products: Nor-Mite

A complementary feed from aromatic substances used in animal feed. These compounds give the feed repellent properties against arthropods (mites, flies, mosquitoes …)


Aromatic formulation of plant extracts: Eugenia caryophyllus (clove) and Cymbopogon nardus (lemongrass).

Animal Species


Why Nor-mite?

  • Results are observed after a short period

  • Easy to use, because it is added in the complete feed (also available in liquid form)

  • Improve farm hygiene for a better environment

  • It shows qualitative and quantitative results in eggs production

o   Blood-stained eggs

o   Clutch rate

  • Nor-Mite supports animal welfare relating to:

o   Stress

o   Anemia

o   Wound infections


Nor-02 Nucleus: Breathing naturally



Nor-02 Nucleus is a blend of aromatic substance on a mineral carrier. 


Blend of natural essential oils (Malaleuca leucadendra, Eucalyptus globulus, Pimpinella anisum), Melissa officinalis extract and Peppermint powder.

Animal Species

All species

Why Nor-02?


A blend of natural active substances known for their properties on the respiratory system

Proprieties: Expectorant and stimulation of pulmonary secretion. Relaxation of respiratory system muscles
Traditional usage: Bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases

Proprieties: Antimicrobial proprieties. Urinary and pulmonary disinfectant.

Traditional usage: Chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and respiratory infections

Proprieties: Bronchodilator, stimulates bronchial secretion and expectoration
Traditional usage:
Cough, bronchitis

Proprieties: Limit the overexpression of

COX-2 and interleukin responsible for anti-inflammatory activity.
Traditional usage:
Stress, inflammation

Proprieties: Inhibition of mucus secretion and respiratory infections.
Anesthetic effect on the throat and suppresses coughing
Traditional usage: Cough

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