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NAN group established a new business unit - NAN Biotech targeting at dealers and farmers

After many years of positive development in providing animal nutrition solutions for customers including animal feed factories, livestock production companies, NAN Group decided to mark their presence in B2C market with the establishment of NAN Biotech Co., Ltd - a subsidiary of NAN Group.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc, Chairman of NAN Group said that"Taking advantage of hydrolysate protein products, herbal and plant extracts, in 2019 NAN Biotech will lay the foundation with the three core product groups: hydrolysate protein, water treatment herbs, animal health support, water treatment probiotics, intestinal health enhancement and yeast products. Since then the company will gradually expand its product lines, and build strong brands for each specific product line."

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ngan, Director of Business Development of NAN Biotech

​​According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ngan, Director of Business Development of NAN Biotech its focus in the first year is on the company's core strength which is Aquaculture sector. Then the company will focus more on promoting the Livestock sector in 2020. Initially, the company will develop cooperation with traditional dealers and aquaculture production companies. The company's strategy is based on its strength of processing technology to develop supportive relations between NAN Biotech, intermediary business agents and breeders.

The core products of the company are based on its Research and Development capabilities, Technology from industry-leading partners in the world, complete production in Vietnam. Currently, the company is building a hydrolysate protein production factory in a joint venture with BRF Ingredients which is expected to be completed in June 2019 in Ca Mau to take advantage of local by-products from shrimp processing. In the meanwhile, NAN is also building an industrial-scale probiotic factory based in Vietnam Microbiological Standard Museum - IMBT Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology - Hanoi National University, together with fish hydrolysate protein plant located in Dong Thap to take advantage of freshwater fish by-products.

NAN Biotech expects to develop a strategic and comprehensive cooperation between farmers, aquaculture processing companies, aquatic veterinary agencies, medicine & feed equipment, and feed mills. From there, the company will create a closed supply system, from the inputs for livestock and farming, to the outputs and by-products from aquaculture & livestock processing for export.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc added, NAN Group and NAN Biotech believe and put a high determination on this business based on R&D relationships and strategic business development with industry-leading companies as joint-ventures such as NAN - BRF (the 3rd largest poultry producer in the world), NAN - Nor-Feed (Top 5 feed additives in the world) , and leading universities and research institutes in Vietnam (IMBT Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology - Hanoi National University), Nha Trang University of Biotechnology Institute ... NAN Group and its partners plan an enduring and serious investment to contribute to the promotion of the livestock value chain, effective husbandry practices, environment protection, cost and productivity optimization, thereby enhancing the value of Vietnam's livestock production.

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