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Career talks at Nong Lam & Can Tho University

This April, NAN Group together with their strategic partners, BRF Ingredients and Nor-Feed, cooperating with the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Nong Lam University, Department of Agriculture and the Department of Fisheries at Can Tho University organized two career talks with the topic "ROAD FROM COLLEGE TO SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN THE FIELD OF HI-TECH LIVESTOCK & AQUACULTURE".

The event attracted +350 students to join in and share visions with senior managers from NAN Group, BRF Ingredients and Nor-Feed.

All the students were very excited with the vision sharing from the industry leaders as well as aspire to their career success stories emerging from practical experiences.

Besides giving students lots of fresh and exciting updates, the event was also a valuable opportunity for the companies to connect and exchange openly with the community of young, talented students whom we believe will be potential partners and customers in the near future!

Success of the event is a great beginning for lots of upcoming career talks that NAN Group harbors to carry out in the near future to figure out and nurture young talents with substantial aspirations in the field of Livestock and Aquaculture!

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