Discover our integrated health and nutrition solutions for your poultry business

Antibiotic Replacement

Enhance immunity, boost growth, prevent pathogens, reduce stress and more...

Gut health Management

Increase feed intake, optimize digestion, stabilize microflora, reinforce immune system

Egg quality

Improve egg shell quality, egg yolk color and freshness, increase embryo and  offspring quality

Meat Quality

Remove body cell damage, strengthen cell wall, reduce drip loss, improve meat color

Animal Welfare & Environment

Remove ammonia impact, reduce odor, eliminate environment impacts.

High-performance birds, as always!

Meat Quality


An aromatic substance rich in natural antioxidants, with main content is Standardized dry grape extract, Vitis vinifera

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Egg Quality

Nor-Grape 80

Increase egg freshness, egg yolk, improve the offspring quality and chicken longevity, reduce culling rate


Multi-stain Probiotic spores optimize the digestive process and gut environment, reduce pathogen pressure, improve feed efficiency and production performance

Shrimp Peptide

Improve yolk color through natural pigment: athaxanthin, cataxanthin, increase soluble calcium

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Animal Welfare & Environment


Helps repellent against mosquito, flies, red mites..., improve husbandary environment

Norponin® Opti

Standardized formulation of Yucca schidigera, Quillaja saponaria extracts and blend of other saponin containing plants

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Chicken Peptides

Improve FCR, medium weight and consumption rate


Multi-stain Probiotic spores satisfy animal body’s need for healthy bacteria, restoring balance in the digestive tract and supporting a healthy immune function

Citronin X0

A premixture of additives developed to prevent enteritis, reduce protozoa infestation and reduce the use of drugs.


A premium liquid compound of shrimp and salmon protein hydrolysates, use in aqua feed and livestock feed.

Nor-02 Nucleus

A blend of natural essential oils (Malaleuca leucadendra, Eucalyptus globulus, Pimpinella anisum), Melissa officinalis extract and Peppermint powder...) on a mineral carrier.