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Unlock The Powerful Properties Of Saponins In Nature

Saponin - a steroid that has foaming characteristics when mixed with water, has been known to be a natural surfactant, cleansing substance. In addition to these physical properties, saponins exhibit a variety of biological and pharmacological activities and positive effects to human and animal health.

There are many plants that contain saponin and have a long history of human use as foodstuffs, cosmestic ingredients, medicines, detergents, feed additives, and their safety should be officially guaranteed.

A recent trend in food and cosmetic preservation is to avoid the use of chemical agents, leaving scientists in search of natural antimicrobial alternatives. Our  Saponin-containing Plant Extracts focus on following Applications:

Reduce environmental ammonia and odor

Increase palatability and feed intake

Control Coccidiosis

Norponin® XO2: Manage coccidial risk


The cost of Coccidiosis













Norponin® XO2 is a natural product based on plants and plants extracts rich in saponins that act preventively against coccidiosis risk


Plant extracts rich in saponins (e. g. protodioscine, schidigera saponin B1)












Animal species    

Poultry, Rabbit, Calves, Aquaculture

Why Norponin X02?

•    An efficient solution for a better management of the coccidiosis risk in breeding
•    Usable until slaughtering
•    Absence of drug resistance
•    No interference with others products (vaccines, synthetic anticoccidal agents…)
•    Can be incorporated in a prevention program 
•    Can be used in organic farming

Should consider other options?

Synthetic coccidiostats and ionophores
Proved efficacy but:

• A withdrawal period is required to avoid residues in meat (most of the coccidiostats)

• Coccidia develop resistances towards coccidiostats 

• Coccidiostats are forbidden in organic farming


• Require a veterinary prescription

• Are incompatible with coccidiostats

• Induce damages on the gut flora

• Induce cellular stress

• Have high production and selling prices


Saponins bind to the membrane sterols


Interactions between the glycosidic moieties of the saponins


Membrane estabilisation

Cellular lysis





Norponin X02

Yuquina® Cotyl: Palatability Enhancer



Yuquina® Cotyl is a fenugreek powder standardized in palatability enhancers (lactones, in particular sotolone).


Cotyledon fraction from Trigonella foenum graecum seed

Animal Species

Dairy cows, poultry, rabbits, horses, pigs

Why Yuquina Cotyl?

•    Improves the palatability of feed for all species

•    Two times more concentrated in palatability enhancer than the whole fenugreek seed

•    Traceable all the way down from the crop fields

•    Undesirable substances level controlled


Fenugreek: palatability enhancer for all animal species

Poultry: +2% to + 10% feed consumption with fenugreek 
(Awadein and al., 2010 ;  El-Shafei and al., 2012 ; Aloui and al., 2012)


Other monogastrics: Positive effect from 1.5 kg/t  
(Petit and al., 1995 ; Zentek and al., 2012)

Ruminants: Fenugreek diet preferred to a standard diet in 70% of cases 
(Frutos and al., 1998)


Norponin M®: Yucca schidigera extract on mineral carrier for Aquaculture


Norponin® M is a high quality Yucca schidigera extract rich in saponins which reduce ammonia emissions, usually used as ammonia remover, water treatment factors in aquaculture.


Standardized formulation of Yucca schidigera extracts. Total saponins (Gravimetric method, butanol soluble extraction) > 7%


Animal Species

Tilapia, Catfish, Shrimp

Why Norponin® M?


  • Can reduce ammonia level by 50%

  • An efficient solution to reduce stress due to high ammonia

  • A tool to improve zootechnical performances

  • Contains a well-defined combination of saponins

  • Can be used in organic farming 

  • Norponin® M contains standardized Liquid Yucca schidigera sprayed on silica.

Production Process

This is the process to make Norponin M, our Standardized Yucca extract. After being  harvested, the trunk (not the leaves) will be ground and extracted, then we will obtain a liquid and a by-product called crude powder. We concentrate the liquid and spray it on mineral carrier (silica) under strict quality control. The final product is Norponin M.

Norponin M vs. Bagasses of Yucca Schidigera/Yucca Crude Powder

After extraction, the Liquid which is more expensive usually used for food, cosmetics and beverage production. The by-product, the crude powder, called bagasses will be sold for animal feed. Some company claims it is a 100% Yucca product, that is true, but the active ingredients are mainly in the liquid.

Norponin M and Y. schidigera crude powder are products from the same plant, but they come from different process and don’t have the same properties.

  • Norponin® M:

    • Mechanical extraction from the trunk of Y. schidigera

    • Standardization in active compounds by concentration of the liquid

    • Concentrated liquid extract sprayed on a mineral carrier to standardize size, avoid dust and make mixture easily

  • Y. schidigera crude powder:

    • Heterogeneous powder from extraction residues

    • Variable content in saponins

    • More susceptible to microbial growth than the extract

Norponin® Opti: The efficient and cost saving alternative to yucca for Livestock Production


Norponin® Opti contains plants and plant extracts rich in saponins which reduce ammonia emissions, usually used as ammonia remover, deordorizer in livestock husbandry.


Standardized formulation of Yucca schidigera, Quillaja saponaria extracts and blend of other saponin containing plants. Total saponins (Gravimetric method, butanol soluble extraction) > 8,5%

Animal Species

Swine, poultry, ruminants

The concept of more sustainable and cost effective deodorizer option

Increasing demand for Yucca used in food and feed has induced an inflation of Yucca price for 15 years and the shortage of cultivation area (only in Mexico) leads to up and down quality and saponin profile. So we tried hard to find another economic alternative source for expensive Yucca schidigera.


During several in vitro test, we choose the plants those are richest in saponin and as effective as Yucca.

Norponin Opti contains Yucca (Quillaja, Camelia, and quinoa extracts with a total amount of 60 different saponins (steroidal and triterpenoid saponins). Norponin® Opti will be the best substitution for the yucca with the same efficacy.

Why Norponin Opti?

  • Can reduce ammonia level by 50%,

  • An efficient solution for a better ammonia and odors control inside and outside farm buidings

  • A tool to improve zootechnical performances: Increase the performances (ADG +4%, FCR -3% in average)

  • Contains a well-defined combination of saponins: 60 steroidal and triterpenoid saponins

  • Can be used in all species

  • Can be used in organic farming

Norponin M
Norponin Opti

Still hesitant to choose the best fit for your business?

Our Technical Sales team and Experts will consult and provide customized solutions you can use efficiently.

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