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Key Benefits


Early weaned piglets are exposed to stress with a reduced feed intake, poor weight gain due to a limited digestivity and absorptivity.

Megacid-S contains phosphoric acid, which can reduce stomach PH and increase pepsin activities, support the animal in overcoming digestion problem and avoiding nutritional diarrhea.



Stomach pH control for a better digestive system


Product Features



Grey white powder or pellet, Phosphoric Acid flavor.


The product is packed with PP bag 20 kg per bag and meets the hygienic requirements.


By modulating stomach pH, Megacid-S enhances apparent total tract digestibility and improves growth performance, therefore increase the protein utilization especially in weaner pigs.

Product Properties

• Main Ingredients: Food grade phosphoric acid and Carrier (Silicon dioxide).

• Guaranteed Analysis:  phosphoric acid ≥60.00%, moisture ≤13%, SpH 1.6-2.0%

• Heavy metals (ppm): Pb≤30, As≤10, OF≤1000, Fl≤100 .

• E.Coli and Salmonella: Not detectable.

Application and Storage



To be used in feed for pigs, poultry. Dosage as follows:

• Pig: 2-6 kg/mT complete feed

• Poultry: 1-3 kg/mT complete feed


Store in cool dry place and avoid sunlight and high temperature. Shelf life: 24 months

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