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Great source of Bioactive peptides from Premium 

Liquid Shrimp Hydrolysates

Increase feed efficiency better than ever


Key Benefits


Through these Natural Active Nutrients, MARPRO FL09 will improve your feed formula effeciently. 

According to your particular problems, you might take advantage of MARPRO FL09 benefits:


  • As a cost effective alternative solution to substitute specific raw material like fishmeal, squid liver powder

  • As a performance booster in your premium feed range

It is one of the most preferred source of digestible protein (90%) to replace high cost fish meal raw material. 

From carefully selected shrimp raw materials

Retain their unique nutritional profile and superior attractiveness. Their freshness is guaranteed by a strict local supply chain control and fast local production process.

Advanced hydrolysis process retains Nutritional Content 

Guarantees adequate level of easily available and highly digestible Natural Active Nutrients such as free amino acids and bioactive peptides

Higher feed intake leads to Better FCR and superior growth 

Small peptides and free amino acids do condition taste perception. Peptides influence appetite through their actions on the hormone that regulate feed intake

Better Adsorption, better Health and Survival rate.

 Dissolving quickly and easily crossing the intestine membrane, bioactive peptides enhance antimicrobial, antioxidant, antihypertensive, and immunomodulatory functions

Product Features


  • Composition: Shrimp hydrolysate; preservatives: phosphoric acid (E338), lactic acid (E300), Acid Formic, potassium sorbate (E202); antioxidants(E324)

  • Product Description: Brown Liquid. Fishy smell, no stench, no strange smells

  • Packaging: Flexitank 20,000 kg or IBC 1,000 kg

  • Storage: Store at ambient temperature. Keep away from sunlight

  • Shelf life: 12 months from manufacture date



Species: : Fish at different growth stages

Inclusion rate:  Supplement 1 - 5% in complete feed. In order to optimize handling, MARPRO FL09 should be applied at a normal temperature after 15 min agitation (15-30 rpm).

Please contact our Technical Sales Representatives for the most relevant usage.

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