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Sustainable and High quality Omega Fatty Acid/DHA Sources

Structure of Omega-3 and ALA, EPA, DHA

Enhance Eye health
Lower blood pressure
Protects Against Heart Disease
Improve skin and hair condition
Benefit for pregnancy

Diverse benefits from Omega-3 and DHA

Promote brain health

Emerging Market Opportunities of DHA and Omega-3 enriched products

Consumers are getting more demanding

Growing media attention about Omega Fatty Acids and DHA has made consumers become very savvy when choosing their favorite brands and products among tons of similar meat, milk, egg products in the same category.

For this reason, choosing the right kind of Omega and DHA sources which bringing the best product efficacy and being trusted by end users.

Time for value added livestock products

Animal and animal feed producers need to try harder making them different with powerful R&D and marketing efforts to stay outstanded in the market. Offering price-competitive commodities cannot boost their business anymore.

If you wish to launch e very cool products and offer its unique values to Vietnamese market, give us a chance to introduce about our Omega-3 and DHA solutions!

Proved beneficial effects for Furry Friends


Omega 3 Fatty Acids are proved to help our pets improve their skin conditions, allergies, kidney function, lymphoma, heart disease, cognitive function, arthritis, and more.

As a result, veterinarians usually recommend pet owners to use omega 3 fatty acids as an essential Nutritional supplements and this is really a potential market.

 A new consumer approach has begun. 

An era of wellness and human health that is opening a new approach toward safety livestock and aquaculture products!

Manage Omega-3/DHA increasing consumption in a tight supply situation

Currently, the most common sources for Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA are fish meal and fish oil.


  • It is not a sustainable source. Approximately three pounds of small wild fish are taken from the oceans to produce only one pound of farmed salmon.

  • There is a declining Supply making Fish meal and fish oil more and more expensive  


Where is the future alternative sources for salmon oil?


Our offerings

For the above reasons, we offer the high quality and  sustainable Functional Fats derived from Plants cultivated in Vietnam.


It does not only work on the business side, but it also links to our commitment of sustainable development and social responsibilities.  Supporting the development of remote areas of Vietnam is our goal in order to bring a better life to all of Vietnamese people and offer the world-class products at the most reasonable price.

Our DHA source from Algae >>

Our Omega -3 from high-fat seeds >>

Still hesitant to choose the best fit for your business?

Our Technical Sales team and Experts will consult and provide customized solutions you can use efficiently.

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