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Why not fish meal anymore?

Rising consumption vs. Declining Supply

Protein is the most expensive nutrient in animal diets. Fishmeal has been more and more expensive to be considered as Ingredient in feed.

Great variation in Fishmeal performance

The quality of fish meal production changes from batch to batch due to  limitation in production (RM variation, Process, ….)

A need for more accurate parameters

The feed mill just controls the fishmeal quality based on their experiences. In addition, Soluble Protein and Peptides could not be controlled and measured in specific Fishmeal batch

Freshness of Fish Raw Material

The worse fish meal is, the more Harmful Bacteria, Increased TVN, Biogenic Amines coming together with the less Protein Level, Amino Acid Content, Digestibility we have.

Current commercial Primary Criteria are not sensible to evaluate Fish meal 

Protein, Biogenic Amines, Total Volatile Nitrogen (TVN) do not meet the evaluation of  Fish Growth and Fish Health

Fish Meal Replacement

Eat less, get more!

Less Dependence on Marine raw materials


Hydrolysates are effective solutions to formulate functional and specific feeds. Our marine and animal protein hydrolysates provide the maximum yield of Small Peptides, Soluble Protein and Nutrients which are more stable and easier to be digested than any high quality fish meal.

Powerful effects on animal performance

The research and results of the current study indicated that Dietary marine protein hydrolysate can improve growth performance, feed utilization, digestibility, innate immunity and disease resistance. Therefore it helps enhance feed intake and feed efficiency.

Feed Intake Benefits

Preserve or enhance feed palatability and stimulate feed intake, then support growth of healthy animals.

Health Benefits

Bioactive peptides are defined as the fragments of Amino Acids sequences in a protein that confer biological function beyond their nutritional value

Nutrition Benefits

It is a high-quality feed ingredient due to its highly digestible content of peptides and bioactive peptides, as well as specific Amino Acids.

Maximize the benefits of Bioactive peptides

Better Adsorption, better biological activities

The smaller size of short chain peptides gives them an advantage to transport in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Balanced free amino acid profiles and high content of digestible Protein (up to 95- 99.5%) with high bioavailability helps increase feed efficiency.


Make it different through technology and quality control

Advanced technology allow full product traceability and the product stability based on batch-to-batch consistency

Enzymatic Hydrolysis - the most effective process to maximize Nutritional values 


From the same raw materials, different protein products with different performances could be obtained depending on the process applied.

The hydrolysis process is the most efficient to yield the maximum of bioactive peptides (< 1000 daltons) from the raw materials compared the processing meal(standard or premium/LT)

Again, there are several methods of protein hydrolysis: Acid hydrolysis of proteins, Alkaline hydrolysis of proteins, Cell-free proteases, Microbial hydrolysis of protein. The enzymes have been selected by NAN to generate wide range of bioactive peptide. The enzymatic hydrolysis process is today the best process which could yield the maximum of bioactive peptides from marine raw materials.

Discover our full range of protein hydrolysates

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