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The NAN Group innovates to provide customers with products, services and solutions that improve the sustainability of their operations.

We aim to be a game changer in bringing the most sustainable and innovative value to the Vietnamese producers and farmers, as well as meeting the needs of food safety, good health and green environment of not only every Vietnamese family, Asian people but also of people all over the world.

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Member Companies

Member companies
Future Strategy

Future Strategy


Our strategy for the next ten years is to strengthen our presence in each piece of food chain with the most efficient solutions founded on our core competencies.


  • We are recognized as Vietnamese market leader in every industry segment we do business

  • Our product quality and safety is word-class

  • Our products and solutions help customers create more sustanable values and become competitive

  • Our business model drives superior results

  • Our team continues pursuing our big four Values in Action

  • Our financial results grow consistently 

Values in Action

Values in Action

At NAN, we commit to balance economic growth with environmental stewarship and social responsibility. This value proposition guides us to drive innovation, creating jobs and committing profitable and sustainale value to customers and consumers through our products, solutions and daily operation.

Our people believe that the more ethically we manage our business, the more we can safeguard our health and life for generations to come. Our team always lives our big Four Value in Actions: Innovative, Cooperative, Sustainable and Aim higher.



We invest in technology: Through our product portfolio we have access to the broad range of feed additives and ingredients with advanced know-how.

We are open to co-innovation: We desire to be the partner of choice for our customers, academia and technology developers through worldwide partnership. Together we access world class knowledge, expertise, facilities and equipment as well as exchange market understanding. 

If you would like to discuss potential Open Innovation activities with us, contact us today. 



The company’s awesome performance are the result of our ability to sustain longlasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers, investors and others with whom we do business.

  • Outside the company: We have strategic relationship with reputable partners in order to keep us always competitive with our common resources.

  • Inside the company: We encourage people to utilize the diversity of each other, help team mates succeed and respect each other based on trust and collaboration


Business Partners

At NAN group, we understand the power of partnerships. In addition to our alliance with leading providers in the animal health industry around the world,we also focus on partnering with international and local R&D partners to offer the most innovative animal health solutions.

Whatever your business challenges, we have the relationships to ensure that we could deliver the right answers for you.

Our Partnerships



Our five principles of being sustainable 

  1. Be dedicated to develop natural-based, especially plant derived products

  2. Support animal welfare with humane treatment

  3. Get involve in global issues to make the world better place

  4. Prevent waste, prefer energy saving process, environment friendly resources

  5. Think consumers' benefits first, then profit



At NAN, we set highest standards and ambitious goals to drive us forward at all times.

  • We deliver what we promise, having an intense focus on our customers

  • We accept nothing but best quality products, services and customers' highest satisfaction

  • We try our best in the pursuit of being market leader in the businesses we involve.

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