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Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Chicken Processing By-products

Increase feed intake and body weight better than ever


Natural high quality protein source

with better biological values


A new, natural protein ingredient formulated especially to improve the performance of aquafeed through:


  • High protein content, digestibility and attractivity.

  • Potential functional gains with the formation of bioactive peptides, which act in the improvement of feed conversion and increasing the immunity of the animal.

  • Sustainable and non-aggressive process, preserving the quality of the ingredient.

Improvement in Conversion and Survival rate

Studies conducted with a 2.5% inclusion of BRF's Chicken Protein Hydrolysate in the initial phase of tilapia resulted in a 23% increase in average weight and a 93% survival rate compared to the control group (survival rate of 82%)

Increase feed intake with higher attractivity

With 30% free amino acids and a reduced quantity of hydrophobics, the ingredient presents a highly differentiated attractivity.


Experimental isoprotein and isoenergetic diets were prepared for Nile tilapia, containing a 5% inclusion of fishmeal in the control treatment versus 5% of our Chicken Protein Hydrolysate bringing the positive results of palatability index.

  1. Di- and Tripeptides

  2. Oligopeptides

  3. Free Amino Acids

Significantly improves nutrition adsorption

The nutritional composition of the product aligns with the amino acid demand of the animal, reducing dependence on synthetic amino acids. Balanced amino acid profile and highly biological bioactive peptides bring: 

  • Higher absorption velocity and lower energy required for protein metabolism results in a higher feed conversion

  • Potentialisation of protein absorption: velocity of peptide absorption is 10x higher

  • The energy required to absorb a free amino acid is the same as that required for a di- or tripeptides receptors

  • Many di- and tripeptides have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

High Protein content and high digestibility 

  • The ingredient has a minimum of 70% crude protein, facilitating inclusion in feed formulation, and replacing the need of fishmeal.

  • As an ingredient rich in di- and tri-peptides, it is better absorbed by the animal (min. 95% digestibility in 0.002% pepsin)​

  • Our rigourous process ensures the removal of the majority of mineral matters. Low ash content results in an ingredient with more concentrated proteins.

Digestible Protein


Sustainable environment and better water quality

  • As the ingredient is highly digestible, there is a higher absorption by the animal, decreasing the quantity of feces and maintaining water quality.

  • As well, the low phosphorus content in the ingredient minimizes the eutrophication potential of the environment.

A strong Alliance between the two Innovative Companies


At BRF, world's largest poultry producing company, we have an adequate poultry by-product supply and advanced technology to provide the highest quality of protein hydrolysates that benefit the most to the feed producers.

BRF's powerful know-how and immerse raw material source combine with NAN's excellent marketing and sales method into a great cooporation to exchange market understanding and stay competitive in the market.

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