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Oxidative stress: disruption of the antioxidants/free radicals balance

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) or or free radicals generated in the blood stream causing oxidative damage of cellular DNA, protein and lipids, resulting in the initiation or development of numerous diseases, poor animal performance and bad meat quality.

In normal time, the balance is naturally managed by the organism and the cells’ integrity is preserved.

Some factors modify the balance and allow free radicals to attack the cell’s membrane.

If the balance is not re-established, some negative effects can become irreversible.

"Radical phenomena are omnipresent in the animals’ life"

(Aurousseau B., INRA production animale, 2002)

In any stage of animal life, stress may occur for many times and cause a lot of free radicals, res in poor growth performance and reduce commercial value of meat, egg... 

Grape story...


Being extracted from an excellent source of natural antioxidants found in selected grape seeds and peels, known as possessing protective effects against oxidative stress, Nor-Grape engages significantly in the detoxification of ROS and reinforces the animal defense system.

On the meat quality side, Nor-Grape improves chicken skin's elasticity, enhances meat color, meat shelf-life and reduces drip loss significantly.

Product Features


Nor-Grape 80 is a standardized grape extract rich in polyphenols (UV 280nm) and Procyanidol used as alternative methods of Vitamin E to protect animal cells from oxidative stress.

  • First botanical additive to be authorized in the 2b category by the European Commission

  • Optimizes the use of antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, Se....)

  • Improves immunity and antioxidant defenses

  • Improves the quality of finished products: meat, egg...

  • Strengthens starter feed, can be used in organic farming

  • Optimizes success in reproduction

Protect Animals from Oxidative Stress Efficiently


  • Protects cell components (pigments & membranes) against oxidation: Antioxidants are stable molecules that neutralize free radicals

  • Acts in synergy with other antioxidants: Nor-Grape 80 polyphenols regenerate the effect of vitamin E

Enhance meat and egg quality


Nor-Grape used in finisher feed (recommended dosage : 10ppm during 2 month or 30ppm during 15 to 30 days) will help protect the cells and improve the meat quality and reduce drip loss .

Optimize success in reproduction


In vivo trials show significant improvement of semen quality thanks to a direct effect on the seminal plasma antioxidant capacity. It means you will have improved performances in fertility and reproduction with larger litter size, better hatchability and offspring quality.

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