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Restrictions on antimicrobial use in food animal production is the recently emerging matter and strategies to cope with the future regulations on AGP withdrawal is the most concern of feed and animal. NAN supports customers in making a successful transition to AGP-free feed production and covers basic but essential steps to enhance animal natural defense against toxins and pathogens:

Step 1: Remove harmful factors


Improve the husbandry and hygiene conditions for a better general health status and cut down the need for treatment. Implement pathogen-free program through controlling harmful bacteria, virus, parasites, protozoa... to prevents diseases  such as Coccidiosis, diarrhea, enteritis..., as well as reducing the risk of clinical infections by better biosecurity control on animal movement and vaccination program. Don't forget eliminate toxins that damage your animals' productivity, too. 

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Norponin X02

Citronin X0 




Step 2: Replace with easy-to-adsorb nutrients


Reduce negative impacts of feed compositions on the digestive tract by increasing soluble protein portion, especially small peptides for easier adsorption, as well as using the right acidifiers for better pH modulation

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Shrimp Peptides

Step 3: Repair body mechanism malfunction


When animals have digestive disorder or their immune system reacts aggressively to harmful factors, it may cause many chronic health conditions such as food intolerances, diarrhea, hormonal imbalances, and even autoimmune disease, inflammatory. It is neccessary to help animal quickly improve health status and counteract body damage by rebuilding and repairing their body system and protecting intestinal system from digestive discomfort.

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Step 4: Restore Natural Defense


On top of taking animal health to the next level without using antibiotics, maintain a good natural defense against harmful factors is the key.


Incorporate probiotics, digestive enzymes, and plant-derived supplements into animal diet, animal immune system will quickly gains their effectiveness.

Our recommended products


Nor-Spice AB

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