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High quality Shrimp meal, Squid meal, Krill meal...

from leading Vietnamese Animal Protein supplier


What makes our products a high quality animal protein source?

Safe, fresh and sustainable animal protein sources from traceable animal by-product raw materials

Consistent performance from batch to batch

High content of digestible protein and balanced amino acid profile

Shrimp meal 45

Our Shrimp Meal is obtained by a rapid dehydration process of the raw material, called flash dried. This process preserves the quality of the protein, its taste and pigments (astaxanthin).

The cold chain maintained from collection to processing of the shrimp heads allows preserving their nutritional properties, providing a product with higher digestibility levels than traditional shrimp meal.


Red/orange powder



Typical packaging used is mesh-Polypropylene bags with a plastic laminated coating.

Standard packaging is 40 kg bags, but we 25 kg packaging is upon request.


Species: Pig, Poultry, Fish

Inclusion rate:  Supplement 1 - 5% in complete feed. In order to optimize handling, SHRIMP MEAL 45 should be applied at a normal temperature after 15 min agitation (15-30 rpm).


• Store at ambient temperature, avoid contact of moisture prior to mixing or usage

• Keep away from sunlight and direct contact to floor

• Shelf life: 12 months from manufacture date

ScanPro 35/4 - Marine Protein Concentrate



SanPro 35/4 is a FEMAS certified marine protein concentrate of salmon. All salmon material is collected by Scanbio’s ships along Norwegian coast and processed in ScanBio’s production unit to preserve freshness and nutritional value. 

It is hydrolyzed by native enzymes and has high digestibility as well as hypoallergenic properties.  The hydrolysis process increases the assimilation of peptides for maximum nutritional value. The Norwegian origin of raw material guaranty sustainable practices, biosecurity and transparency

Storage conditions & Shelf life 

  • Store at ambient temperature , blend if the product is not used for a long time and avoid intense temperature .

  • Can be used 1 year after production in adequate storage.


  • Bulk shipment in truck / Vessel  

  • Flexitank / Isotank 

Biokrill - Squid and Shrimp Mixed meal


Biokrill is a compound of high quality squid hydrolysate mixed with krill and other wild pacific cold water crustacean meal, used as shrimp and fish feed ingredient.

The various kind of marine meal in Biokrill are processed from extremely fresh raw materials, in factory trawlers and land based factories.


This product is an excellent stimulant and attractant, which improves palatability and nutrition for animal feed, has been successfully applied in many different types of shrimp diet, and also widely used for marine fish diet such as Red Sea bream, seabass, flounder…

-     Improve Palatability for Higher Feed Intake

-     Feed Nutritional value for Higher survival, Better Animal Health Growth

-     Feed Bioactivity properties for Better FCR, Faster


Description Brown Powder


• 25kg multi-layer paper bag with polyester layer inside.

• Shipping: 18 tons / container 20'


• Store at ambient temperature, away from sunlight

• Shelf life: 24 months from manufacture date

Shrimp meal
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