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We know the importance of caring for our environment and managing our business ethically. If animal productivity can go hand-in-hand with animal well-being on this challenge, we can secure a safe and healthy future for our world as well as our health and life for generations to come.


We also support environmental stewardship by offering natural-based solutions that minize environment impacts, utilizing business processes that enable waste prevention and promoting the efficient use of all resources in agriculture industry.

Animal Welfare

and Environment

We know that saving today


Pest impacts on the production


-Bothering animals as well as workers (LEVOT, 2013)

-Flies can transmit pathogens that could affect animal and human health (Maldonaldo and Centeno, 2003 ; Meerburg et al., 2007 ; Barin et al., 2010)

-Decrease of the performances

-Can lead to poor neighbor relations and potential litigation. (Loftin et al., University of Arkansas, 2014)

Our recommended products

Nor-Mite is a complementary feed from aromatic substances used in animal feed. These compounds give repellent proprerties to the feed against arthropods (mites, flies, mosquitoes …)

Nor-Mite is efficiently repellent to control insect population. It’s effective against red mites, flies, mosquitoes, dust and grain mites.

Product Benefits

  • Results are observed after a short period

  • Easy to use, because it is added in the complete feed (also available in liquid form)

  • Improve farm hygiene for a better environment

  • It shows qualitative and quantitative results in eggs production

o   Blood stained eggs

o   Clutch rate

  • Nor-Mite supports animal welfare relating to:

o   Stress

o   Anemia

o   Wound infections

Ammonia impacts on people and animal health


Ammonia is excreted from animals' urine, feces and waste products. The primary source of ammonia is fish feed in aquaculture systems and urine and manure in livestock husbandry.

In small amounts, ammonia causes stress and gill damage. Fish exposed to low levels of ammonia over time are more susceptible to bacterial infections, have poor growth. At higher concentrations, ammonia causes eye and lung irritation, inflammation and vomiting leading to production losses and deaths. 

People living nearby have suffered from variety of adverse health effects including respiratory diseases, infections, increased risk of cancer, and other health risks.

Our recommended products

Norponin M is a 100% yucca extract sprayed on a mineral carrier containing 18 different steroidal saponins with effective ammonia binding capacity and being used for all species: ruminants, monogastrics, horse, petfood. 

Our production process ensures the retaining of active ingredients, which is mainly in the liquid extracts. The product is Standardized, this means it always has the same saponin content controlled for each batch, and the same size of powder particles.

Norponn Opti is a standardized formulation of Yucca schidigera, Quillaja saponaria extracts and blend of other saponin containing plants, which is a good alternative to Yucca.

Environmental risk of Chemical Residues


Chemical residues in soil and water come from chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides in crop production, and even in animal manures used as green fertilizers.


Chemicals from aquaculture and livestock husbandary accumulated from polluted feed and drinking water and unnatural diets, as well as from chemical deodorizer added into the manure. Those residues not only cause soil contamination but also enter the air having adverse affects on the environment, such as causing acid rain from excessive amounts of nitrogen in animals' waste.


The waste also turns into nitrate that reduces the amount of oxygen present in water that results in the death of many aquatic animals.

Our recommended products

NanPro is our product range of multi-strain probiotics which helps balance the animal intestinal microflora and boost immunity function.

Nor-Spice AB is a complementary feed from citrus fruits; its compounds generate a prebiotic effect with flora control.

Through supporting microbes balance, therefore reduce harmful gas emmission to improve environment.  Exessive useful bacteria in the fecal waste also help improve the soil significantly when being used as fertilizers.

Norponin M and Norponin Opti are also good for chemical reduction on the odor management side, as they can replace for chemical odor removers

The significant impacts of environmental odor


Odor from farm animal feces, urine and waste often spread to surrounding neighborhoods, polluting air and water with toxic waste particles. The communities have to suffer negative externalities, such as pollution and health problems.


Methane emission from ruminant production contributes significantly to global warming, too. 


And all of those matters are not good for a sustainable business and our efforts to eliminate odor impact has been urgent than ever.

Our recommended products


Norponin M

Norponin Opti

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